Book Series

'Til Death  2 novel(s)

100 Hours  1 novel(s)

A Daemon Hunter  1 novel(s)

A Dark Faerie Tale  2 novel(s)

A Love Story  3 novel(s)

A Shade of Vampire  26 novel(s)

A Wicked Trilogy  3 novel(s)

Across the Universe  4 novel(s)

Aeons' Gate  3 novel(s)

After Hours  3 novel(s)

After the End  2 novel(s)

Age of Fire  6 novel(s)

Age of X  1 novel(s)

Agent of Hel  2 novel(s)

Agents of the Crown  2 novel(s)

Aisling Grey  4 novel(s)

Alabama Summer  4 novel(s)

Alfha Law Firm  1 novel(s)

Alien Huntress  6 novel(s)

All or Nothing  2 novel(s)


Fifty Shades of Grey
Dark Lover
Lover Awakened
Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades Freed