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Fuck, she feels incredible.

Juliet lifts my face up towards hers. Her skin is flushed, she’s breathless, eyes bright. I move to capture her mouth again, but she turns my jaw away and kisses down the side of my neck, tiny butterfly touches that send shivers through my whole body. I feel my hard-on grow, rock-hard, pressing against her, every movement making me ache. I grip the soft flesh of her hips and bury my face against her neck, but it’s not enough. I’ll never have enough of her.

I lick up the pale column of her throat and kiss her hard as I slide one hand up her body. She trembles as I brush my fingertips across her breast, soft at first, but my blood pounds hard and I can’t help myself. I squeeze, feeling the gorgeous ripe weight of her in my hand, and the tight nub of her nipple already hard and pressing through her clothes. Juliet moans against my mouth, arching to press her chest into me, so I pull her shirt open and yank her bra straps down, sliding my hands under the lace. I groan. Her skin is warm, so f**king smooth against my rough palms. I rub my thumbs against her ni**les, teasing gently, then I squeeze.

Juliet cries out, a noise of ecstasy in the night. I drop my head and kiss lower, tasting the sensitive flesh, replacing my hands and fingers with my mouth and tongue. I circle one nipple until she’s panting, then close my mouth around her and suck. Juliet yelps and grinds her hips into mine, a pressure so sweet I’m gasping for air.

I want her naked, and open to me. I want to plunge inside of her, drown in her, give her pleasure she’s never dreamed.

Juliet bucks her hips again, and it’s more than I can take. I let out a growl, scooping her tight, round ass in my hands. I roll us, pinning her beneath me, grabbing her wrists with one hand and pinning them above her head in the sand. Juliet gasps, but it’s excitement I see in her eyes now, wild and untamed.

In a flash, I realize: she’s never felt this before.

I’m the only one.

I’m undone. I devour her; kissing, touching everywhere. She writhes under my hold, crying out, legs wrapped tight around me as our bodies slam together. I release her hands, and suddenly, she’s the one on top of me: yanking my T-shirt over my head and kissing across my chest, trailing her tongue over the contours of my muscles and sending sharp, sweet jolts of electricity through me with every touch. I lay back, dazed, and stare at the night’s sky, dusted with stars.

I could die now. I could die, right here, and be happy.

But not until I feel what it’s like, inside of her.

I roll her underneath me again, kissing her deep, and shuddering at the feel of her body yielding to mine, the heat of her bare br**sts against my chest. I slide my grip lower, settling one hand on her hip. Gently, I slide my thumb just a couple of inches under the waistband of her jeans.

Juliet tenses in my arms.

I pause, propping myself up on one elbow above her. She’s laying there, dark hair fanned out like a halo around her face; eyes heavy-lidded and dark with desire. My dark angel, so full of mystery and pain.

I stroke my thumb below her waistband again, teasing under the lacey top of her panties. Juliet catches her breath, but her eyes don’t leave mine. They burn into me, full of wordless questions and curiosity.

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I trail my hand across her stomach, watching it tremble under my touch. I slowly unbutton her jeans, then pause again, watching her.

She doesn’t look away.

I dip my head to hers, kissing softly as I slowly pull down the zip on her jeans. My hands are shaking, I realize, like some green kid who’s never been past second base. Me, Emerson Ray, who’s laid more girls than I can count; struck dumb and shaking just from the sheer anticipation sliding her jeans lower, and stroking gently across the lace of her panties.

Juliet gasps against me.

I stroke again, soft, circling gently between her thighs. She’s already damp, wet for me through the fabric, and I have to grit my teeth to hold back from ravaging her right now. I force myself back to keep up the slow touch, pressing gently, responding to every gasp and sigh she makes against my lips. Juliet’s body rises with every touch until she bucks against me, eager, and I finally slip my hands inside the fabric and stroke my fingers down to touch her, hot and wet and the center of my f**king universe.

I stop breathing, and slide one finger inside.

Juliet lets out a whimper, but it’s a distant echo to me. My heartbeat pounds so loudly, I can’t hear a thing. There’s nothing anymore, nothing except the feel of her, so tight and soft, and ready for me. Everything I’ve ever wanted. All I’ll ever need. Time stops as I slide another finger inside and she gasps, arching up again as I start to stroke my thumb, circling, building the pressure, moving with me against my hand as I stroke, and pulse, and cling on to the last distant thread of self-control until Juliet cries out and her body shudders against me.

She falls, limp and surrendered in my arms.

I collapse on the sand beside her with a gasp. Her eyes are closed, lips parted as she gasps for air.

She’s mine now.

It’s the truest thing I’ve ever known. Like gravity. Like endless swell of the ocean waves. She’s mine, and just the idea of another man touching her now—putting his hands where mine have been—is unthinkable.

I reach and gently brush a lock of hair from her eyes. She smiles against my touch, not opening her eyes. “Wow,” she breathes softly, and I feel like I just scaled Mount Everest in a single stride.

“I’m just getting started,” I promise, my voice coming out a low growl.

She blinks her eyes open at me, questioning.